The NIPPLE AVICORVI drinker is a nipple water supply system, specially designed to meet the needs of broiler chickens, laying hens on a floor or in cages, breeders, quails and turkeys.

It is the only NIPPLE drinker that has two spheres and two independent seals, ensuring a much better performance. High-precision stainless-steel spheres and seals, offer maximum watertight, when water quality and pressure are correctly setup.


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It has no external trigger pin, therefore it cannot be activated accidentally.

    • It delivers more water on per each activation without leaking or spilling. With a water pressure column of only 35 cm it can deliver between 150 – 160 cm³ / minute.
    • It does not need a permanent anti-drip cup.
    • The litter remains dry, preventing dermatological foot issues.
    • The complete system includes a water pressure regulator that ensures excellent operation in the farms.
    • It attaches to ½”or ¾” round or square PVC pipe.
    • Nipple Avicorvi drinkers are covered by a 5-year parts warranty

We offer 3 or -6 meters long “mini-lines” for those farmers who need to install this type of drinker on their farms.

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