This is a very advanced designed drinker. Although the plate has 20 cm in diameter, it can look up to 9 adult birds simultaneously. This drinker has a daily the capacity to cover the needs of from 60 to 80 adult birds


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  • – It has a movable grid to be lowered during the first 10 days after hatching, preventing chicks from getting drown or wet.
  • – It occupies less space in the poultry house providing more space for the birds.
  • – It does not require auxiliary drinkers for the new hatched chicks.
  • – It provides fresh water thanks to the continuous water replenishment in the plate.
  • – Less time and less water required for cleaning each drinker.
  • – It is a very stable drinker and its plate does not tilt, preventing water spillage.


  • 3 m of 3/16″ black hose
  • 4 m of No. 1 rope
  • 1 individual nylon filter
  • 1 height regulator

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